The Artist

Mallitta was born in 1990, Mallitta was always going to be a creative artist but her real passion for it started in College where she studied a BTEC Nation Diploma in art and design, this then when on to a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and an A level in Fashion. Not knowing what to do with her creative abilities Mallitta discovered a course at AUCB called Model making which meant she could apply her desire to make too many different things. Mallitta trained at university for 3 years and learnt how to make, architectural models, prototypes, props for film and much more. Her final year she made a Toy Timber Dyson, Set Props, A Jewellery Prop and a stop motion animation puppet. When mallitta left university she started her work in film, but quite soon found herself wanting to make jewellery. So now she follows her heart and has made this Jewellery Business.

The Jewellery

From Mallitta's past work in film she always wanted to have a go at chainmaille, so she combined her love for jewellery and chainmaille together, bought a few books and got delightfully carried away. Mallitta has a love for industrial looking architecture and interior design so it was obvious to her what material was best suited for her jewellery. The style of chainmaille weaving is all traditional but Mallitta has added her own swing and modern style.  

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion or rusting and is more durable than silver. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic. This is why it's a common type of material used for things like earring posts. This is also commonly used for medical equipment for that same reason.

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Triangular Earrings (white) 1 Byzantine Elegance Bracelet (white) 1 Chainmaille Necklace (white) 1 Nordic Bracelet (white) 2